The Enterprise Knowledge Graph Grows from the Employee Profile

The Enterprise Knowledge Graph Grows from the Employee Profile
Photo by Eric Ziegler
This blog post has a little more conceptual thought that will probably require time to read David Amerland's book, Google Semantic Search (see the reference below to get an idea of what I was reading to understand the thoughts in this blog post)

The knowledge graph is a semantic search concept that is all about interpreting what is seen in the internet. The same concepts can be applied to the enterprise, and to be honest is probably a lot easier to do. If I understand how the knowledge graph works, the knowledge graph is built by manually and automatically. The automatic part is completed by the level of trust sites are given and the level of trust of information the search engines find. The knowledge graph is grown over time as it determine what is most trustworthy.

One of the many thoughts I had on the concept of the knowledge graph in the enterprise is that it can be grown systematically based on employee profiles. The links to project sites, links to primary contacts, links to topics that are related are often found in employee profiles. So Building out an enterprise profile is key to creating a social network of connections. The profile is a key piece of information that can help the knowledge graph grow - growing through the connections of topics to employees and employees to employees and then back from employees to topics.

This note was inspired by +David Amerland 's book, Google Semantic Search - Amazon location 1727

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