Mental Health

Mental Health in the world today is something we all should take seriously. For me, it is about making sure I spend the time doing the things that are really important for me. 

Which, as I read the post by Zach Wilson on LinkedIn, he would agree. In the post, he shares what he tries to make sure he does on a daily basis. For me, it is not just about the singular day but often about what I am doing on a weekly, monthly and seasonal basis. For example, in the Winter, what do I love to do and how do I get a chance to do it? Skiing? check. Getting out and seeing friends? check. Weekly? I try to ensure I get out on the soccer pitch and be with good friends Daily? Get time to exercise, get up and walk on a regular basis (I need to do that better), Watch some fun YouTube videos, read a good book. What I have found is each day does not need to be exactly the same, but being deliberate about doing what you enjoy is critical, and thinking about it on a daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal basis help prioritize things that work best at that time. 

Check out his article, its a good one.