Building Widespread Trust because of Digital Reputation

Building Widespread Trust because of Digital Reputation
Photo by Eric Ziegler
In the enterprise, reputation is traditionally built by analog interactions. Even when there are digital interactions,(email, esn, documents, papers, white papers, etc.) a large part of reputation still comes from 1:1, meetings, presentations, , etc. That means that reputation in the enterprise is not just based on a digital interaction. It also means that trust, which is based on reputation, is something that is built on both digital and analog interactions.

What I find interesting is that digital interactions can be so much more dramatically important than the analog interactions in building widespread trust. Why? The power of digital interactions in the enterprise is the reach it provides, allowing employees to build a reputation with employees they never work with and hence gain a level of trust with another employee that would have never been able to occur before that (series of ) digital interaction(s).

This note was inspired by +David Amerland 's book, Google Semantic Search - Amazon location 1842

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