I wonder ... Enterprise profile photos in search results

I wonder ... Enterprise profile photos in search results
Photo by Eric Ziegler
I know that google has gone away from authorship and providing image previews, but I still wonder if there is some value in providing an image of the authori/authors next to search results. I believe that there is some serious value in the enterprise of showing all authors of a document or a piece of content, so people know who all contributed to the content.

I wonder if there could be some sort of UI design that would provide images of the authors in certain instances (they are authorities on a subject in the enterprise?) and not show the author images in the search results for when they are not the recognized authority on a topic.  Similar to my last post, this technique would most likely drive people to the "higher authority" content.

The only thing that puts some level of doubt into my mind is the changes that Google recently did to their search results. I wonder if they found that the pictures did not add that much to how people found the content they were looking for. I wonder if they determined that having those images did not improve the "trust" that people had for the content.  If that is the case, I wonder if providing profile photos next to the search results would increase or decrease the trust people had related to the content.  

I wonder...

This note was inspired by +David Amerland 's book, Google Semantic Search.

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