The Personal Touch of an Individual

The Personal Touch of an Individual
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As I read through different books, each books gets me thinking and the note I create might not make perfect sense.  And sometimes when I review my notes, a note causes multiple thoughts to occur that are really not related. Yesterday's and today's post are both the outcome of the same note from the same location in David's book.

Enterprises are often very quick to use organizational or departmental names when posting an article or piece of content, instead of posting the content with an individual's name. While this is viable and there can be argued some great reasons to do this, there are definitely reasons to minimize the approach of using the non-descript, non-personal organizational name.

Using an individual's name and associating it with the content provides that personal touch that an organization name or identity does not. And if you do it correctly, the arguments for using an organizational name becomes less of an issue (not going into the details on that subject here). As a company creates content and applies a person's name to the content, the person becomes a voice of the department or organization, and the individual becomes the voice and authority on the subject or topic.  In addition, the employees will embrace and interact with the content more often because they feel a person is talking to them, versus some non-descript organization.

This comment was inspired by +David Amerland 's book, Google Semantic Search - Amazon location 1457

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