Multiple Authors, Authority and SEO

Multiple Authors, Authority and SEO
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As I read through different books, each books gets me thinking and the note I create might not make perfect sense.  And sometimes when I review my notes, a note causes multiple thoughts to occur that are really not related.Today's and tomorrow's posts are both the outcome of the same note from the same location in David's book.

One of the issues with authorship occurs when more than one person is responsible for the blog post, document, wiki page. This is especially exposed when the last person that modified the document appears as the author of the document or content. Thankfully in the enterprise, there is a solution already in place to help resolve this issue (at least in most instances). Most internal collaboration and intranet systems include a mechanism identify each of the authors via history and versioning. Based on this history, the content can be attributed to each of the authors.

Enterprise search systems can use this extra meta data to increase authorship rank, trust and authority of that person on the subject while also influencing the page rank of other content from the same author on the same subject.

This comment was inspired by +David Amerland 's book, Google Semantic Search - Amazon location 1457

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