Collisions of Change

Collisions of Change
Photo by Sarah Ziegler
I have been in the midst of several small changes recently. I have a new position at work with new responsibilities, I have realized the beauty of using a task oriented system to keep me organized, and I have gotten back to reading both for pleasure and for growing my mind.

These last two items are colliding in a great and spectacular way. Well maybe that is a little bit of an exaggeration....  What I mean is that with my reading, I have found that taking notes has done me wonders in helping me think through the thoughts that come up while I read them. And my method of taking these notes have caused them to start showing up in my task management system. My intention is to share these notes on my blog as a form of #workingoutloud (ala +Bryce Williams and +John Stepper of +Change Agents Worldwide ).  

The goal is that if I share these out loud, others might learn from what I see within the text and what I see beyond the text.  Hope you enjoy the series.


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