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I use twitter.  I use twitter enough to know that some aspects of the apps that support twitter are annoying.  So instead of just festering in my disgruntlement, I have decided to write a blog post with my wish list of features for my ideal twitter application.  For the record, I have used tweetdeck, seesmic, hootsuite, the app formally known as touiter and several others.  All of them have great features but none of them do everything I want them to do.

Hear is my list :

  • the ability to quickly and easily indicate if a tweet has been read or not - TweetDeck has this feature and it is easy to mark things as having been read already 
  • the ability to sync across devices (computer --> phone --> tablet) information such as account information, which columns I have setup and if I have read or not read a tweet 
  • ability to save items and have them sync'd to InstaPaper
  • the ability to integrate other twitter like feeds that follow the twitter api, e.g. Socialcast, yammer, etc.
  • ability to customize the theme colors
  • ability to create custom plugins to extend the app (ala Seesmic) 
  • have direct messages(DM) not cached in the client - ever notice that when a DM is deleted it sometimes sticks around in some apps - #fail
  • ability to caches tweets or not to cache tweets - make it configurable - indicate how many tweets to cache (ala TweetDeck)
  • after reading an item, the items should not stay in the cache
  • ability to have some smart filtering of tweets ala my6sense - if integration with my6sense works, that is a bonus (don't fix what works)
  • integration with more than just twitter - linked, Facebook, etc.
  • have all tweets, recent posts (Facebook), activity stream, linked in, etc. land in one column in one area - provide an easy way to see that the post came from various sources, twitter, Facebook, etc. (ala TweetDeck in chrome/android)
  • color coding for individual users - automatic differentiation across users - ability to apply similar colors to a group of people based user definition (e.g. all the people I know from work are in one color range)
  • as close to real time updates as possible (think TweetDeck)
  • integration with external services like url shortening, image and video services - have the aiblity to look at image, video in line to app
  • tweetchat like functionality - follow a hashtag and then be able to respond and have the hashtag automatically added

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