I missed some reqs - My personal social media apps requirements part 2

I guess I was too quick to post my last post. Based on twitter comments and my own continued thinking of ideas I have come up with about 9 more abilities I would like to see in a social media aggregrator / twitter application. Here are the additions - enjoy:
  • recognize that a tweet was written in another language and automatically translate it in line -e.g. translate a tweet from German --> English 
  • allow to view items in a threaded view - see all tweets that are related to each other 
  • if in threaded view, allow the entire thread to be marked as read 
  • (not sure this was clear) any marked items can be removed from the view in the app manually 
  • ability to specific how many tweets / messages are stored in cache in the app 
  • ability to put all tweets in cache back into the view (read or unread) 
  • ability to mark all items as read 
  • ability to filter the list based on items that have a link or does not have a link 
  • ability to filter based on a word/name/hashtag 
  • provide the ability to define multiple columns that you can read - all friends, home, favorites, mentions, searches, Facebook, linked in, etc.

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