Patience when values and actions don't align

Sunset in San Diego
Photo by Eric Ziegler
What would you consider to be your personal #values? Do you have specific things that you know are always true, because that is who you are? Those things are most likely a value you hold tightly and is what make you who you are.

How often does your values and your actions align? As is discussed in this podcast, Aligning our values to our Actions, there are times when your actions will not align to your values. While the podcast talks about values and money, this applies to a much broader subjects and is really about any type of action, be it an action related to money, or an action on how you react to something your best friend said to you.

Why are there gaps between your values and your actions? Because we are human. So remember that when another person is involved, understanding their perspective is always a first good step. Have you ever seen a peer, a friend, or your manager do something out of character and outside of their values (at least what you understand to be their values)?  Sometimes the gap is there for a reason, so pause and try to understand. In some cases you might never understand why the gap is there.  But it is always important to realize that there is more to the gap than what you see on the surface.

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