Marketing Enterprise Procedures/Processes/reference material

As I read David's book, I quickly realize that the internet content creation preparation checklist tips he provides at location 2075 (Kindle edition of the Google Semantic Search book) are similar items for how to create content in an enterprise. Basically, if you want your content (a policy, procedure, reference material) to be found, you need to use some simple marketing techniques (yes, marketing techniques, build and they will come does not work) and a great place to start is to adapt the checklist that David has in his book.
  • Identify the types of content you are producing (policy/procedure/etc.)
  • Decide what message you want to send to the different target audiences
  • Explain how your policy/procedure/content reflects what you want to get across to the target audience
  • Explain how the policy/procedure is consistent with the values of your department/division believes in
  • Explain your content creation strategy, including frequency of updates, interactions with employees about the content, etc.
  • Identify your main content /communication channel
  • What other channels do you plan on using to get your message out about the policy/procedure?
  • How do you plan on measuring success? (e.g. how do you know the policy/procedure/etc. reached the correct people?)
  • Explain how you will identify the main traffic drivers in terms of the content produced for your policies/procedures
The ideas that David refers to in his book are often easy enough to translate from being specific to internet marketing and search strategies to enterprise marketing and search strategies. And in this scenario, this still holds true. Do you have a policy or procedure you need to communicate (market) to your employees? You are going to need to follow some of these basic tenants to be fully successful.

This note was inspired by +David Amerland  book, Google Semantic Search - Amazon location 2075

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