Serving, its that simple

Helping those that need help.
Flickr photo by Ed Yourdon

Recently, I have been trying to determine when I am most successful in what I do - being a dad, a husband, changing things at work, implementing tools successful, etc.  I have seen several patterns, but didn't really put anything together until I was listening to a podcast from Entreleadership on sale (the one that +Chris LoCurto interviews +Lisa McLeod).  There is a piece in the middle of the interview where Lisa talks about why a specific drug rep is so successful.  Very powerful.  

So what is the pattern that I saw in myself but realized only after listening to this specific podcast episode?  It is all about serving, and knowing who you are serving and the purpose of your serving.  

My belief is that if you don't understand that you are serving and the purpose of that serving, than you are only moving around in an aimless direction and not really satisfying what is most important (in your life, for your company, for your family, etc.)

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