IT is Evil

During the past E2.0 conference (San Francisco), I heard many statements to the effect that "IT is evil". As I sat with my colleagues, my bosses boss included, we had many good laughs about this comment. You see, I am an IT person. And you would think that I would think that IT is not evil. But you know what, IT can and is often evil. I am not sure evil is the right term though. I favor the term, ignorant more than Evil. And to be honest, I know my bosses boss would agree with this statement. But you should also know that all of the IT people that I know try their hardest to deliver their products. But often they fall short or do it too slowly. They often build things that are complicated and don't make sense to the end user. But why is this? And what can be done to help fix the problem?

For me (and this is all my opinion, just another IT person), when I see projects implemented, I see IT not listening to the people that provide the "directions". They believe they know better. They talk "over" and "above" others. They often miss the simple points and try to understand the harder points with little success. But before I go to far and say it is all IT's fault, I have to come to my fellow IT folk's defense, and say that it is not all their fault. The road is a 2 way road, and while their are issues that come from IT, their are issues from the other side. The other side, believes they know better, they don't listen to critism and suggestions. they often miss the simple points from IT and don't understand the harder points.

So is the problem really that IT is evil or ignorant? No but It is (note the lack of the captial T). I wish it were as simple as saying IT is evil, but it is not. It is evil and ignorant. And It represents the people in the room that need to work together to make it happen. The problem is the level and degree of listening to each other and the amount of communications that are clear. The thought of collaborating with others can cause some people to run from the room. My suggestion, lock the door, because collaboration is exactly what the doctor is ordering in this case. And this type of collaboration is not a technology collaboration. this is a thought and mind collaboration. Get together and talk through ideas, brainstorm and listen to each other. Make sure you have been clear in your message and ensure you are listening and hearing to what is around you. As I say to my development team, stick your head up out of your cube and look around. See what is happening, listen to what is around you and try to understand it. And the biggest suggestion I have is, be patient.

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